• Entertaining Memoirs

    After 50 years in show business, Jay Osmond dishes about life, love, and lasting memories.
  • Business Books

    James Adams' business memoir, Waffle Street, is a business memoir with heart . . . and a movie deal.
  • Platform Building

    Jennifer Nielson and her daughter, Hadley, have overcome incredible odds. We helped them get the word out with a book, website, and publicity.
  • Brand Building

    The team that brought you Yo Gabba Gabba started something new . . . with books, music, and live events!
  • Eternal Fans

    H.G. Nadel had a vision. Now she has a YA series and 150,000+ social media subscribers.
  • Newsletters

    Whether it's print or digital, newsletters enhance our clients' businesses and build community.
  • National Fundraisers

    America's Junior Miss changed its name to Distinguished Young Women and shouted it from the rooftops . . . and the bookstores.
  • Websites

    Hope After Divorce began as a book and is now the #1 site for divorce-related education.
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  • Businesses

    Take control of your business content with consistent, integrated messaging across all media platforms. We begin with a free business content analysis, which targets potential vulnerabilities in your business media platform. Then we customize a package suited to your needs, preferences, and industry. Contact us to receive your free analysis today!
  • Brands

    Building a brand is all about identity. What is your brand? To whom does it appeal? How will customers engage? And how will they identify with your core message? At Content Kingpin, we begin with a free evaluation of your platform based upon our six-year, rigorous academic study. Contact us to receive your free evaluation!
  • Authors

    Gone are the days when authors could write a masterpiece, then sit back and watch the royalties fly in. These days, authors must be their own marketing and sales departments. We provide cost-effective solutions for authors with our customized media platform services. Contact us to receive a free media platform evaluation.